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Knowledge is Power

When it comes to obtaining a divorce, you have options. At a time when other aspects of your life might feel out of control, Seymour Family Law will help you be in control of your case. Knowing and understanding your options are essential in maintaining control of your divorce proceeding. We will clearly explain your unique legal options in words you can understand. And we’re experienced advocates of mediation as well as skilled litigators.

Divorce (dissolution of marriage) is the legal proceeding for ending a marriage (dissolving the bonds of matrimony). The initiating party does not need to prove a reason, under the law, for the marriage to end. Most divorces have many other issues that can be handled in the same proceeding. For example, child custody and parenting time (visitation), child support, division of real and personal property, division of assets and division of debts and spousal maintenance (alimony).


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