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Social and Financial Early Neutral Evaluation

Early neutral evaluation (ENE) is a voluntary alternative dispute resolution process. Both people must agree to participate. You can participate with or without an attorney. The process focuses on the critical issues and gives all parties an idea of what the probable outcome of a court case would be – saving time, money and emotion.

You and your spouse know your children better than anyone. A social ENE empowers both of you to present the facts of the case, receive the evaluator’s perspective and then potentially work together to form a plan for child custody and parenting time without intervention from the court. With an ENE, your case can be resolved more quickly, so your family can move forward faster. Plus, parents who reach an agreement together are less likely to have further disputes.

A financial ENE allows you and your spouse to present the financial “facts” of your marriage to the evaluator. Then the evaluator will provide feedback on division of the property, assets and debt; and award of spousal maintenance, without the time and expense of litigation.


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