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Post Decree Issues

As children grow and divorced couples begin to rebuild their lives, circumstances change. When this occurs a divorce decree or paternity order may need to be modified.

Even after your divorce decree or final order is complete, you can request changes. You can ask that the court change part of the order, for issues such as parenting time, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. The standards for making changes are different, depending on the specific issue you are requesting to be changed. And in some cases, there are time limitations on bringing post decree matters before the Court.

You can appeal the court’s order if the order contains an error or if the judge abused his/her discretion. Appeals in family law matters are not very common. The process is complicated. Under Minnesota law, there are specific time requirements for bringing and responding to an appeal. Appeals from family court orders, judgments and decrees are taken to the Minnesota Court of Appeals or the Minnesota Supreme Court under certain circumstances.


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