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"We agreed to end our 17 year marriage. We chose to work with Julie K. Seymour as a mediator in order to take personal responsibility in learning the process and in staying focused on what was important to each of us throughout.

She helped us work through confusing financial and legal details separated away from our individual emotional turmoil at the time.

She expected our meetings to be held in the spirit of fairness, dignity and respect.

We began to expect it from ourselves beyond the meetings.

Though it was excruciating in the beginning, we were able to work out fair resolutions and acceptable compromises.

She helped us clearly discuss our parenting responsibilities and capabilities so we could set up the most appropriate home-life structure for our children.

We are utterly grateful for Julie's impartial attention to our separate questions and her understanding compassion when we needed deeper clarification on the long-term consequences of some of the choices we were contemplating.


Julie was able to provide professional knowledge and skilled assistance to us during a most confusing time."

C.M. and K.I., Eagan

"Julie K. Seymour pursued each of the legal issues that were important to me in my divorce and was successful. Today, I am grateful, financially stable and secure."-

Lakeville Client



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