Child Support

If you are going through a divorce with minor children involved, ensuring that your child support order is accurately calculated and fair is exceedingly critical. 

Child support is established in divorce, legal separation, and paternity cases. A child is eligible to obtain financial support up to the age of 18 years or until they complete their high school education, not exceeding 20 years of age. Both parents have the responsibility to provide for their children and the court ensures that this responsibility is met by establishing child support obligations. Seymour Family Law will use our skill and knowledge to fight for your rights and get the child support order that is fair for you and in the best interests of your children.

Under Minnesota law, the child support calculation process is based on Minnesota Child Support Guidelines, which take into account both parents’ respective incomes (“parental income for child support” or “PICS”) and the percentage of parenting time, as well as which parent is incurring the cost of the child’s health and dental care and child care. The custody labels are irrelevant in determining child support.

To get an idea of what the court may order, look at the child support calculator from the Department of Human Services.

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