Mediation is a forum in which a neutral third party facilitates communication between parties to promote settlement.

A mediator may not impose his or her own judgment on the issues for that of the parties. Mediation is also flexible, you may have your lawyer attend the session with you to mediate or simply use him or her as an advisor between your sessions. The mediator helps parties create their own agreements based on their unique family needs. Your mediator should also be an experienced family law attorney who can help you understand your rights and responsibilities under Minnesota law, so that you can make cognizant decisions throughout the process. This way you will certain that the agreement you've negotiated is fair and that your agreement will carefully implement all the legal requirements needed.

As seasons change in your life, so do the circumstances, mediation can also be used to settle disputes years down the line, either after a divorce or an order that was put into place. Your judgment & decree or order may be outdated at this point, so mediation is a great option for parents to come together to reach a new agreement. After you have reached an agreement with the issues at hand, your agreement will then be submitted to the court that the outdated court orders may be modified. Seymour Family Law has a vast knowledge in the family law sector and experience in mediation, we will make sure you are knowledgeable throughout the entire process regarding every option you are presented with and will help you get the settlement you and your family deserve.

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